Monday, April 06, 2009

Friday with Lula

Mary told me to go the Insect Zoo at the Museum of Natural History, so that's what we did.
Also recommended (but I saw Mary's response first): the children's museum in Baltimore, a jumpy place, Aunt Bob's house, and Powhatan Springs Park. I promise to do these other things on upcoming Days Out - because you told me to.

Natural History Museum

Actual Day:
Parking fiasco

I always forget that parking on the Mall sucks, so I drive around for an unreasonable amount of time before I give up and park in my work lot. Lula and I took the metro from the parking lot to the museum - which is the thing she seems to remember most about our morning. (Why do I bother planning activities when all I need to do to entertain my children is ride around on public transportation? I'm dumb.)

It was a long, slow, and damp trip to the museum. Once we got there, Lula didn't seem very interested in the bugs, but enjoyed pressing every button she could find.
I was struck by the fact that going to a museum with only one child is just so . . . manageable. I almost got to read the exhibits.
Lula rode the Tiny Sad Three-Horse Carousel at Chuck E Cheese (birthday party, nightmarish, takeaway: at least they serve beer) and loved loved loved it. So I thought the Mall Carousel would be a nice treat for her.
She was resoundingly indifferent. But then the ride started, and she thought it was awesome.
And then the ride ended.
People started to stare. She was tired, hungry, and three metro stops away from the car. I called Bump to give him an update on our status, but really, I just wanted to extract a little strength from the sound of his voice.

I lugged her wailing butt to the station, she was instantly cheered by the TRAIN!, and we got back to the car in relatively decent shape. (She announced she was "All done" with the train two stops in - each time - so despite all her excitement about the damn TRAIN!, she spent a good amount of time fish-flopping and complaining on the ride.)

She was exhausted and hungry, and I decided she needed to eat before getting in the car. So Girls Day Out ended with lunch, where Lula discovered salsa and spilled rice all over someone else's floor. Score.
She fell asleep in the car before we got to the freeway.

Day With Mama, Lula's Version:
Walk in rain, making careful note of each umbrella that passes ("Do you see that umbrella? Like Dora!") Do not point out to Mother that we are getting wet and do not have an umbrella.
Push buttons
Push other buttons
Yay Horsies!
Call Papa
Chips and salsa. Also milk. And rice.


bozoette said...

Sounds wonderful! Hope you got to see some bugs.

Em said...

Oh my God she's getting so big!

Lula's version is so funny and sweet. I will try to remember that there are kids versions to these days that seem so draining.

Did people stare because she was crying so loud or because her mother was taking her picture while crying?

nonlineargirl said...

I am impressed that this was her reaction to WATCHING the ride end. Ada had a meltdown last summer when I suggested we get off the merry-go-round at the end of the ride, so I know the general response. Lula definitely upped the ante.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Oh, we actually rode the carousel (I just didn't get a photo while the ride was going). Lula's meltdown began when the ride stopped, and escalated when I pulled her off.