Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh the Weather Outside Is. . .Well, Not 'Frightful' so Much as 'Pretty but Inconvenient and Potentially Really Annoying'



It's snowing in DC today.

I've really been looking forward to snow this year. Rain in December just isn't right.

There might not be enough to stick, but I'm sure it will be enough to totally fuck up traffic on my commute home tonight. Everyone will freak out and drive like an idiot, even if the accumulation isn't shovel-able.

If it does stick, it will be black and disgusting by 10am tomorrow, with frozen patches of black ice creating accidental hilarity everywhere.

If the snow had started earlier, I might have gotten the day off, dammit. Instead I'm stuck here giving the taxpayers their money's worth.

But the Capitol Dome looks beautiful with snow sifting peacefully over it. The Capitol Christmas tree lighting happens tonight, and the weather is perfect. There's an evacuation drill of some kind for people who aren't me, creating a crowd of unfortunate, improperly dressed suckers huddled in the park across the street - which makes me laugh.

I tried to convince Bump to bundle up the kids and take them outside (and take pictures, for God's sake), but the suggestion was met with a positively lukewarm response. ("Umm. . . maybe." Right after I turn this coal into a diamond with the power of my ass.)

Lumpyhead didn't seem all that interested in the flaky precipitation when Bump pointed it out to him, so maybe Bump's instinct on this one is right.

I may not have pictures of my kids in the season's first snow, but I got to wave at evacuees in the snow from the window of my warm, dry office. Ahhh, the magic of the holidays.


Becky said...

He can DO that? That thing with the coal? I'm placing my order now.

We don't have snow, but we broke out the "winter" coats this morning. Which will be dragged along the ground all the way home from the bus stop. Because, well, it's not really cold anymore.

Em said...

We've had snow each day since Friday. I took Lucy out and let her "dig for puppy bones" as she put it. I took pictures. While it was a pain in the ass, no kid lasts more than 15 minutes, and then they are pooped the rest of the day. So worth it!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

My kids were out in it this morning.

It was overrated.

Anne said...

"I got to wave at evacuees in the snow from the window of my warm, dry office."

Wasn't that a scene from the D.C. version of Charlie Brown Christmas?

Auntly H said...

I have to drive to a not-too-distant suburb T-Th this week for training. It has meant LOTS of time in the car, sitting still, with my foot on the clutch (leg cramping). I can't knit in these circumstances so I just curse at the idiots spinning out in their giant SUVs.

tammy said...

Snow? What's that? It's almost 80 here.

I hope it snows during our "winter break" so we can visit.