Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Buffy Beware

Lula has four teeth now. This is not noteworthy, I suppose, except that in addition to the bottom front teeth one would expect, she has her top lateral incisors.

Lateral incisors. The two teeth beside her front teeth. No front teeth.

This is weird, right? (This is where you tell me that, while this is a bit unusual, you know dozens of children for whom this happened and none of them needed thousands of dollars of orthodontia.)

It's not obvious all the time, but it is starting to become more noticeable.
See, you can't see nuthin. Just my regular bottom teeth.

But when she's really mad, or laughing really hard, or if I cruelly pull her top lip up to take a picture:

(I would apologize for the boogers, but honestly? It's an impossible task to stay ahead of them these days. Lula has a cold that just won't go away, and under the best of circumstances she despises you for even thinking about touching her face.)

We've begun calling her "Fang."


merseydotes said...

Petunia was a vampire baby! I was surprised at how people reacted to the fangs, as if we had given them to her on purpose (we didn't sharpen them, for pete's sake!) or she was a mutant.

Embrace the fangs! They're adorable on Lula.

Em said...

She's just so damn cute. I have no idea how irregular or potentially damaging it is down the road, but I honestly don't see how you are ever going to discipline either of your children with faces like that.

Violet said...

"No-one told me The Anointed One was Asian", said Buffy.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I love that picture.

I am the proud photgrapher of tortured children.

bozoette said...

Wow! All you need now is a file to keep 'em nice and sharp, and she can open cans.

Melissa said...

Those are some cool teeth! My toddler got all her molars before she ever got her fangs. I was seriously starting to wonder if they were ever going to grow.

She has them now.

And that's the end of my compelling story.

E :) said...

If you ever need to collect blood, Lula will be a useful tool.

Girl said...

I heart the fangs.

theotherbear said...

What a gorgeous little vampire baby :)

Devra said...

Just promise me you will teach her to say "Creatures of the night. SHUT UP!"

(One of my favorite movie lines, ever!)

Devra said...

Why don't they have a rewrite feature on comments? I would like that.

The actual quote is "Children of the night.SHUT UP!"

I must have creatures on my mind since we've recently been entertaining the idea of getting some kind of pet.

nonlineargirl said...

It is not too late to teach her to hum "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth".

Michele, igot2babe said...

OK, so I show up at my sisters last night and she is on the phone with our other sister, and everyone is trying to figure out who the cute family is in the Christmas card they got.

You totally rock.

Upside Up said...

"yow" is the best caption ever, for that picture.

MoD said...

FiG's teeth came in the same way. When those front teeth come in, they're going to be so damn big you won't believe it!