Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Ducks Can Live in Any Setting" Unless Some Drunk from Colorado Rips Their Heads Off.

Well, this settles it. (This too.) If I’m ever going to get drunk and decapitate a duck, I’m not going to do it the lobby of the St. Paul Embassy Suites.

Lesson: only be horrifically cruel to animals during duck season.

Got it.

[OH MY GOD! ElectricYoak informs me that - get this - I have actually been in this hotel. When I was in town for his wedding, this is where we stayed. I now remember the duck pond. And suddenly this story is EVEN AWESOMER.]
Just when you thought a Manager's Happy Hour featuring free beer and mini corn dogs couldn't get any better, it turns out the happy hour is feet away from an Animal Cruelty Hotspot. Oh my freaking GAWD.


Em said...

I am too afraid to even watch.

E :) said...

That story made me want to puke. That poor duck.

But on another note, it's like going to the Larry Craig bathroom BEFORE the incident that made it a tourist attraction. How cool are you!!!!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You rule the most. You are like one degree of separation from crazy drunk duck killer!

Em said...

OK, the connection to the E'Yoak/Auntly nuptials got me to go to the links but they still nauseated me.

But chances are good you are probably only one degree of separation away from the Larry Craig bathroom too if you think about how many friends you know who've flown through that airport.

merseydotes said...

And you apparently were at happy hour with Ron Jeremy! (Guy in the background)

I am just trying to be funny so I don't cry and get sick at the guy ripping the head off a domestic duck he cornered.

Although the idea of an auditor for HHS being able to "have anyone's jobs" is pretty funny.

Devra said...

His reason was he was "hungry"? I've never even seen duck prepared like that. Obviously he's not a serious chef.