Monday, February 26, 2007

I’ll Have You Know That My Man Don’t Save the Romance Just for Valentine’s Day.

Bump was up with Lula pretty much all night last night. He admitted that it was a rough morning, as Lula complained whenever she wasn’t being held and Lumpyhead complained whenever Elmo wasn’t on the TV. Bump survived his first solo day with two kids on about a half an hour of sleep.

My day was full of ass-ache-inducing meetings and computer difficulties and “welcome back!” pleasantries with colleagues. I ate lunch at 5:30. I pumped three times in a vacant office that’s been set aside for me.

The pumping room is pretty sweet. It’s completely private. It has a sink and a refrigerator, and would be a great office to work in except its network connection is fucked up, and the poor soul who inhabits this room would be plagued with an internet connection that’s slower than dial-up. Oh, and a slow connection to the server, but let’s face it, the internet connection thing is the deal-breaker.

I made the mistake of answering my phone as I was just about to leave, which meant I got home 45 minutes later than I’d hoped. His reaction when I walked through the door indicated that Lumpyhead hadn’t missed me at all. Lula farted loudly when I picked her up to give her a cuddle.

But Bump had put a martini in the freezer so it would be nice and cold when I got home.

Seriously, the thought of this is what kept me going during those long, dark days of being pregnant.


mo-wo said...

When daughter was born p-man was on it right in the hospital.

Sushi and gin right honey?

nonlineargirl said...

As one lucky woman to another, your husband sounds great.

laurie said...

wow. and nuts too? you are one lucky lady.

Kylie said...

you are so lucky! :)

Auntly H said...

Electric Yoak quadruple bagged expensive champagne and risked an overweight bag for a 'we made it to Vienna' celebration. I thought that was romance, but I bet it doesn't compare to the martini in the freezer.

MetroDad said...

That IS true love!