Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hi Jean

Rather, hygiene. Or lack thereof.

I’m struggling to find some structure in my day. Other than Lumpyhead’s amorphous nap schedule and pumping every three hours, there is no routine in my life. Add that to the fact that I’m not sleeping much, and I’m left feeling slightly brain damaged all the time.

When Bump asks me when the last time Lula has been changed, I draw a complete and utter blank. I stare at him vacantly until I admit that I have no idea what he’s talking about. He might as well be asking me to split an atom with my laser vision, as my recall function is completely shot.

If I had some sort of daily routine, it would include showering at least every other day. Also brushing my teeth. My greasy hair is producing some major funk, and the irregular naps aren’t helping the serious case of ass-mouth I’ve got going.

So, I stink. But also, greetings to any Jeans and/or Genes who might be reading.


Mom at Work said...

Hi Jean is not the same kind of drinking game as "Hi (Aunt) Bob," is it?

laurie said...

also, you're hilarious.

sorry about the ass-mouth. that's sucky.

Em said...

Why don't you try to do one little thing for yourself (i.e. brush teeth, open your mail) after you pump for a minute or two. If you get in the habit of extending the pump sessions by a tiny bit maybe you can sneak in whatever is irking you the most.

Showering and laundry are biggies. Can't help you there. Just remember not to make any big decisions for the next, oh, 6-8 months and it will all be fine!

stefanierj said...

Oh, showers suck at that stage anyway, right? What with the hoo-hah cleansing that never seems to be enough and the boobs that immediately leak all over one's clean clothes?? I say who needs it? At least the funk will keep the annoying people away.

Becky said...

I have no memory whatsoever of the first year with twins and a toddler. If I didn't write things down in a book by my side of the bed (AS IF I had backup ... you know, someone who would need to know when and how much the munchkins ate, etc.), I'd have no proof that I did anything constructive to keep them alive. Alas, I did NOT keep track of showering and brushing of teeth ... so I have no idea if that ever happened.

Sleep. Sleep when you can.

daddy in a strange land said...

Here, buy yourself (or rather, have Bump buy you) one of these. :)