Monday, February 04, 2013

I Don't Think He Was Referencing Seniorage

I bought Lumpyhead (and Lula) coin collecting folders from the US Mint for Christmas. State Quarters and Presidential Dollars, because, numismatics!

Lumpyhead unwrapped the gift, I explained what it was, and he immediately declared it "a total waste of money."

He didn't mean that the gift was stupid - although, it was totally stupid - but he thought the actual collecting of coins was a waste of money. Because if you put them in the little cardboard thing, then you couldn't spend them. Wasteful.

You know what else was wasteful? $9.95 for a cardboard quarters album, and $14.95 for a cardboard dollar coin album. Plus shipping. Times two.

That could have been a kickass lego set instead, you Dumbshit.


Violet said...

bit hard to beat aego set !

Anonymous said...

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