Thursday, November 01, 2012

2012 Costume Post (Mortem)

1. Nathan Jr

He wore the braid! He wore the braid!
His cooperation may have been related to the threat of no braid = no lightsaber.


I made the tunic using Simplicity pattern 5840, which is sized for adults. (I know, HAWT, right? Adult male Jedi costume. I just. . . )

Anyway, you know where this is going, right? I made a smaller version of the tunic and it was waaaaay too big for Nathan Jr.

Solution? Lumpyhead's school costume = Origami Yoda.
(The tunic was also slightly too big for Lumpyhead. Shut up.)

I then made another - smaller - one for Nathan Jr, which, as you can probably tell, is almost too small. Awesome.

2. Lula 

Lula was Leia on Bespin, which I guess technically made her a Disney Princess.
She chose Leia on Bespin because she wanted to wear her hair like that.

Boy & Girl Costumes 
I used Simplicity pattern 4797 for the most part, but borrowed heavily from Maggie. I had plans to include the embroidered embellishments - Maggie kindly sent me the pattern - but using a paint pen or a sharpie instead of actual embroidery (I think I just heard Maggie wince).

I decided the costume was "representative" enough, and gave up on the whole idea. The cloak was more see-through than it appears in the photos; it was the cheapest plain white cotton fabric I could find, which - surprise, surprise - was quite sheer.

3. Lumpyhead

Lumpyhead was Darth Maul, and we totally bought that entire costume for slightly less than I spent on the materials for either of the other two costumes.
I'm an idiot.

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Violet said...

your kids are so cute ! and they've all got the same chin!