Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Yes, Thank You for Noticing" Might Have Been a Better Reply

My toenails and fingernails are currently the same color as Lula's.  On Sunday, a very sweet 20-something woman grinned at us and asked, "Did you get manicures?"

"Well," I said, "if by 'manicure' you mean sitting on the bathroom counter and painting under duress, then yes."

"Duress?" she asked warily.

"She was yelling and I tried to shut her up with nail polish," I explained while darting off to prevent one of my children from causing yet another disaster.

"Oh," the poor girl said softly.

I think she was imagining the lovely world of having a daughter, where charming mommy-and-me outings for mani/pedis precede baseball games. I probably shouldn't have burst her bubble.


Stimey said...

Way to go. I'm blaming the imminent dying out of the species on you.

nonlineargirl said...

Maybe she just didn't know the meaning of "duress".

Violet said...

Well it does kinda sound like you tried to stuff a bottle of polish in your daughter's mouth to shut it up, but she wrestled if off you and painted your nails instead. She might've been thinking about calling in the child welfare folks on you.

MoD said...

She should be thanking you for the free birth control.

Em said...

I can completely picture this exchange. And I too have used nail polish in just this way. At least it keeps them still for a few minutes, although I have to endure endless, "are my toes dry yet?" .... "are they dry yet?"... "hey mama, can I touch my toes yet?"