Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Not a Big Fan

1. I'm pretty sure Delta Airlines is fucking with me.

After being really, really, stupendously shitty about my flight to Sioux Falls, the airline was fantastic about canceling my parents' flight. They rebanked the miles I used to purchase the tickets and even refunded the $10 fee. What the hell?

Also, five days after I got back to DC - still complaining bitterly about the stinking $150 I had to pay to redeem miles on short notice - I received this email:
See? They're totally fucking with me.

2. Bump's family is coming to visit in a few weeks, which means seven more people (aged toddler-ish to eighty-ish) will be in my house. This spurred a frenzy of furniture shopping and money hemorrhaging, and while I knew we would need these items eventually, OMG holy sudden cash outlays.

We got a bunk bed for Lumpyhead. All three tormentors are very excited about it, but for now no one is allowed on the top bunk. We haven't placed the top mattress yet to further discourage climbers.Why buy a bunk bed and not use half of it? Well, because the room has a ceiling fan.

I know, I'm an idiot, right? We need to do some creative arranging, because right now a child going for the top bunk is destined for a head thwacking, absent some masterful timing and lightning-fast reflexes. While we can situate the bed so that a climber is not automatically imperiled (which is the plan, obvs), the fan will always be within reach of the top bunk.

Is this a non-starter? Can a child be convinced to leave a ceiling fan alone? Will one good thunk-thunk-thunking make the point in spades? Do we have to take down the ceiling fan or unbunk the beds? I need an answer before my sister-in-law arrives with three more heads and thirty more fingers to jeopardize.


Stimey said...

Good question. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one shakes out. Just be sure to tell them that if they're going to test out the "how much will the ceiling fan really hurt?" hypothesis that they should use their non-dominant hand and not their head.

Anonymous said...

I see no way around disconnecting or removing the ceiling fan. The consequences of an "I forgot!" moment seem too great. Think of all the movies that show kids flying around the room hanging onto the ceiling fan -- it's too tempting!

That said, Nicholas at age 9 has been able to keep his hands off the fan over the bed in our new house, but it's not a bunk bed.
- Work Sarah

Aunt Bob said...

Little guy leaves the fan alone, though several stuffed animals, I think, had a journey when the bunk bed was first installed.

While the Bump-fam is in town, might you turn the fan part of the light/fan off? That worked for us to lessen the fascination.

My word verify word is ningess. Is that a female ninja?

Violet said...

Could you wrap the blades up in something soft, like multiple Garfields or something? At least it wouldn't chop their heads off if they come in contact with it.

Teresita said...

Your ceiling fan is doomed. Doomed I say.

Devra said...

Josh has never messed with the ceiling fan in his room, and he does have a bunkbead. However he completely broke light kit on the one in our bedroom room by throwing his shoe at it.

Go figure. His was safe, ours? Not so much.