Thursday, January 07, 2010

The OMB Director's OBM

So the Director of the Office of Management and Budget has an "Other Baby Mama."

My first thought is "Congratulations" and the second is "Wow, that guy has some seriously fantastic time-management skills" because I'm working a much less demanding job and do not have time to date even one person in New York.

My friend Anne knew Ms. Milonas at school and claims she is very nice. (Anne is an excellent judge of character - don't let the fact that she hangs out with me convince you otherwise.) She had no idea the woman was the daughter of a shipping tycoon.

The news coverage on this is interesting (although not half as interesting as the gossip and speculation running around my office - god I love my job sometimes) and funny. The tag on Wonkette's post makes me ecstatic about the future. Achenbach's take is hysterical, even though he seems to forget that an heiress doesn't really need a partner to raise a child. 1) Capable women can ably parent alone. It may be difficult, but women have been proving this for years. 2) Rich women can hire staff.

The New York Post's article is especially harsh. Using old-fashioned phrasing like "jilted" and "kicked to the curb," it paints Claire Milonas as a heartbroken, knocked-up dumpee who was left waiting at the altar.

I heartily disagree. A "brainy Yale grad and Harvard MBA" can find her pills when she wants them. I suspect that she was ready for a baby, found a guy everyone says is brilliant, and obtained his genetic contribution the easy way.

Go Claire, Go. (Anne says hi.)

And congratulations on the birth of your third child, Mr. Orszag.


nonlineargirl said...

Forwarded to my ex-OMB pal.

And yes, how does someone with that kind of job have time to slip away for a little something on the side? Do some people just not need sleep?

Anonymous said...

Sending this to my current OMB pal!

Anne said...

Well, obviously I didn't know that girl all *that* well if I didn't realize that she was a shipping heiress, but I do remember her as being very nice.

Good for her for knowing what she wants and going for it! Wish I had the means and the wherewithal to do the same. And the access to that contribution!