Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Thirds

Lumpyhead quickly lost interest in the puzzle, so Bump sat down to help him.

"This is missing some pieces," Bump said.

"It's a beach puzzle," I shrugged. "What do you expect?"

"No, I mean it's missing a lot of pieces," Bump insisted.

Certain that my husband was flailing on a simple 100 piece puzzle, I sat down too. Lumpyhead cheered us on.

Then we finished it.
Saddest. Puzzle. Ever.

Even for a beach puzzle, this is missing a lot of pieces. Bump counted 35 spaces.

But we're having such a nice time we don't mind a lame puzzle. It's Bump's birthday today, and as usual I have prepared a present of Big Fat Nothing. (Happy Birthday Sweetie! Surprise! You're under-appreciated!)

The drive down was a roller coaster of GPS win, GPS FAIL, and road hotel horror. I'll tell you about it later. In the meantime:

I'm at the beach with Aunt Bob and you're not. Hahah, Suckers.


nonlineargirl said...

We are at the beach too - but don't see you anywhere. We even have beer, which I was SURE would draw you out. Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with which coasts we are on...

Stimey said...

Almost this exact same thing happened to me once. Only it was a panda puzzle. Very frustrating. You have my utmost sympathy.

Aunt Bob said...

I threw it away before we left on Sunday.