Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Wish I Knew How To Quit You, Sears Portrait Studio

It's our own fault, really.

We know that taking the kids to Sears to have portraits done is a total crapshoot. Either you will get a very personable photographer who captures great shots of your kids, or you will get some dumbass who can barely push the button on a camera.

Today we rolled snake eyes. We SO lost.

Of course the other photographer on duty was great. She jumped up and down and used silly voices and played peek-a-boo. Our photographer shook a stuffed animal and suggested the kids look at the camera.

The little room was hot. Lumpyhead kept picking at his face. Lula jumped up after the third flash and announced she was all done. Nathan Jr couldn't hold his head up for very long and we couldn't trust the other two to hold him.

Every time I have an experience like this I vow I will never return. But then I realize I got three pictures I can photoshop into a half-way decent portrait for less than $70.


Em said...

Will said photoshopped pic be making its way to mailboxes everywhere?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I am the opposite. I never go (and I curse the Sears portrait studio ) and I have exactly zero pictures of the four of us taken since January of 2006.

So, I'm thinking a crappy family picture might actually be smarter.

Violet said...

It's not worth paying for professional portraits of your kids if you have a camera with a fast shutter. Because they are so cute it doesn't exactly take a genius photographer to produce a good picture of them. Adults are another matter altogether.