Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Salad for Lunch

I know I'm not supposed to blog about my lunch, because nobody cares, so let's agree that I'm blogging about "something lunch-related that could change your life."

It could.

It may, at the very least, change your world view.


Here goes: It's rude to refer to a reuben as a "sandwich."

It's got salad dressing on it. Therefore, it clearly identifies as a salad.

It may be <airquote> sandwiched <airquote> between two slices of rye bread. But you need to look beyond that. Because, hello? Sauerkraut. I'm no botanist, but I'm pretty sure sauerkraut starts out as cabbage. So it still counts as a vegetable.

Unless you order it without the Thousand/Russian dressing -- but who would ever do such a thing? -- THE REUBEN IS A SALAD.

So show some respect. Stop calling it a sandwich.

But order a reuben salad for lunch tomorrow.

And put some bacon on it.

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Julie said...

Genius. Pure genius.